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Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham Blouse

Friday, February 27, 2015

Fashion Friday- Navy and White Gingham Blouse
Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse

I love this Navy and White Gingham blouse or checked shirt whichever you prefer to call it. It has been so versatile with so many colors and looks good with skirts or pants! I showed you another outfit using this blouse in my 5 Casual Outfits post awhile back.

Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse
I paired the blouse with my lemon yellow pencil skirt and added pops of red with my $5.00 Walmart necklace! Uh Huh..Remember my peach one? It is exactly the same one but I did not pay $5.00 for it when I bought it a few years ago in Texas!

Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse
I love to add pops of color to my outfits in case you haven't noticed ;)

Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse outfits

 So here I just changed out the skirt to my red skinny jeans. Everything else stayed the same.
Fashion Friday - Navy and White Gingham blouse red shoes
Like my eyebrow pop? I look like Colonel Klink from Hogan's Hero's if any of you remember that show (totally dates me)
 Just picture a German accent. 
P.S. I don't know why the necklace looks orange in these is red.

HAHAHA by the way do any of you suffer from eyebrow lightening? Mine used to be black! My age spots are getting darker and my eyebrows are getting lighter! What's up with that?!!

 Now I am trying to channel Jackie O with the coat and sunglasses. 
Do you remember back in the 60's that we used to wear capes? 
 My cute mom made me one for Easter when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I loved it..I will have to dig that picture up and post it soon. I think that started my coat fettish. I love buying cute little coats for me and my granddaughter too!

The older I get the more I want to cover up my turkey neck and crows feet! Thank heavens for large sun glasses and button up blouses with fun necklaces.

Fashion Friday -Channeling Jackie O,  Navy and White Gingham blouse

I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

Centerpiece Wednesday- A little of this and a little of that

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Centerpiece Wednesday- A little of this and a little of that
Welcome Welcome to the party!!
There are some awesome ideas from last week!! 

Pita Pizza Centerpice Wednesday A sprinkle of this and that blog

I just love this snow day tablescape from Pattie Tierney

Check out the ways you can use a vintage wire egg basket from American Honey Home
Karens up on the Hill shows us adorable spring pillows


Link up and show me what you have been working on!

Sunburst Tutorial- Family Room makeover continued

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wall Art Sunburst Tutorial- Big Look for Little money, True Value Hardware, The Style Sisters
This is the next installment of my sisters family room makeover.If you missed the first part you can see it here where we started with Roman Shades.
This is what we started with.... The TV overwhelms the old window that is hanging above it so we took it down and moved it to the other side of the room which I will show you looks so good!! The window treatment needed a little sumpin sumpin to bring in some color so we made some cornices using the same fabric we used to make the roman shades
Before Wall Art Sunburst Tutorial- Big Look for Little money, True Value Hardware, The Style Sisters
On the other wall you can see some of her ceiling medallions and other wall art that were kind of spaced too far apart so we took them down too.

We started fresh
Because the ceilings in this room are really high we knew we needed something big to go over the TV.
First we tried hanging 6 frames (eventually with some sort of artwork in them) but Tiff really wanted something a bit more bold. So we got creative!

NOTE: See the cute window cornices?... I will be posting the DIY on how we made those later this week. 

Tiff had this ceiling medallion that was painted turquoise remember in the pic above? Well we decided to make a large sunburst. Tiff called her local Ace hardware store to see if we could get a bunch of paint sticks and they gave her 50 of them for FREE!! They are so nice!! We hot glued the sticks onto the back of the medallion. 
When you place the sticks on do not push or the glue will squish out all over just lightly place them onto the medallion so that they kind of angle out as you can see in the photo.

Wall Art Sunburst Tutorial- Big Look for Little money, True Value Hardware

Then Tiff spray painted the whole piece in a light grey and we hung it up above the TV and we LOVED how it turned out!

Wall Art Sunburst Tutorial- Big Look for Little money, decorate above TV, True Value Hardware,
I wish I had a better picture taken in the daylight of how this really turned out so  amazing looking! 

Wait until you see the whole room rearranged it is amazing how much you can change a room by just rearranging things. 

Don't forget  to link up to Centerpiece Wednesday tomorrow night..I can't wait to see what you have been working on!!

Fashion Friday- Navy jacket and pop of orange

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fashion Friday- Navy jacket and a pop of Orange- The Style Sisters

Fashion Friday- Navy Jacket and a pop of orange

Don't mind my scrunched up face..I am just trying to walk the dog and take a selfie at the same time LOL!! We are dog sitting (probably permanently) our oldest daughters dog while she finishes getting her house ready to go on the market. 

Ginger is such a sweet dog and I really don't mind having her around and taking her on walks. 

Remember last week I told you I was going to mix it up and not wear a cardigan...well this is what I came up with. I am wearing a navy tweed type jacket with denim shirt tucked into my denim jeans with a belt (surprise! I don't normally tuck in my shirt because I am short waisted) I found this outfit (see below) on pinterest and decided to try to replicate it somewhat..I don't have a plaid scarf like the one in the photo nor do I have the cute plaid coat but ......

But hey I do have the pop of orange shoes!! 

Fashion Friday- Navy jacket and a pop of Orange- The Style Sisters

Easy Roman Shade Tutorial- Using Old IKEA shade

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easy Roman shade tutorial-using old Ikea shade-The Style Sisters
While visiting my sister last week we decided to give her family room/eating area a makeover using little to no money of course!

 I can't wait to show you all the fun things we did!!

We started with making Roman Shades

before- white roman Ikea shades
This is the before... Old white IKEA Roman shades that Tiff has had for years! 
We were going to make new shades from scratch using her new fun bright and bold fabric but I figured out a way to use the old shades as the lining and the old hardware 

Step 1- Remove old hardware: Take apart the top of the old shade by unscrewing the eye hooks and removing wood bar

Step 2- Layout desired fabric pretty side face down and lay old shade on top with hardware side facing up. 
Easy Roman shade tutorial-using old Ikea shade-The Style Sisters
Note: I just taped the eye screws to the old shade and left the strings in place but slide the string out of the eye screws otherwise the strings twist all up when you screw them back into place.

Step 3- Cutting Fabric: We cut the fabric to allow for turned in sides and a large hem. We decided to cut the fabric about 26" wide and 76" long to give us enough to roll over and make a pocket for the wood piece to go through up at the top and a nice large hem
(because the original shades were a bit too short after Tiff had washed them)
Step 4- The sides: We wanted to have finished looking sides so we rolled the pretty side of  fabric over about 1/4" and then again about 1" or so to meet the inside edges of the old shade, then iron and pin them all the way down. Then sew all the way down on each side.
 (in the photo the top fabric shade is sitting on top of the other cut fabric for the second shade)


Step 5- The top: I ironed the old shade fabric smooth (since it had been sewn up all these years), I  rolled over the top edge of the fabric about a 1/4" and ironed, then I rolled the fabric over the wooden bar (to get the correct measurement for a pocket)
 Remove the wood bar, pin in place and sew across to create a pocket for the wooden stick to sit in.
 Note: Mark on your fabric where the holes are in the wooden bar so you can replace the eye screws once the fabric has been sewed.

If you forget to mark the spots you can kind of feel around for the holes with your fingers and stick the eye screw back in and twist tightly.

**** MAKE SURE you put the wooden bar side with multiple holes on the side where you want all the the cords to gather and to hang down. We chose the right side for both shades. 

Step 6- The hem: Tiff wanted her Roman shades to hang a lot longer than the old ones so we made sure the hem would be nice and long. When we cut the fabric we made sure we would have enough to turn the fabric under 1/4" on the edge and then fold the fabric up 4" until it met the end of the old shade. Pin and stitch in place.

Easy Roman shade tutorial-using old Ikea shade-The Style SistersEasy Roman shade tutorial-using old Ikea shade-The Style Sisters
Re thread the cords and you are done!!
Or so we thought but when we tried to pull the cords to get it to fold up we noticed it was heavier than it was originally so Tiff added a third cord and another eye screw to the center.
 Use a very large needle and some cording...stitch it up through the center using the same areas as the old took maybe a minute to do this. 

Easy Roman shade tutorial-using old Ikea shade-The Style Sisters

To help the shade learn where it was supposed to fold...we pulled up the strings and ironed the folds.
Easy Roman shade tutorial-using old Ikea shade-The Style Sisters

We bought small "L" shaped hooks to attach it to the door 
TA DA!!! So dang cute!!
Easy Roman shade tutorial-using old Ikea shade-The Style Sisters
Tiff is thrilled with her new Roman Shades that cost practically nothing!! 
The Colorado sun has bleached the trim on the doors...we need to paint!

If you have any questions please let me is tricky writing a tutorial so I hope it makes sense.

Karin :)

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Centerpiece Wednesday Linky Party

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Welcome to Centerpiece Wednesday Linky Party!

I can't wait to see what amazing things you have been working on in your homes.
Last week you all shared some fabulous Valentines dinners, recipes, crafts and more...I was inspired by the following bloggers


Party On!!