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Mini Paper Umbrella Tutorial

Mini Paper Umbrella Tutorial

Mini Paper Umbrella DIY- The Style Sisters
So, the other day I needed some paper umbrellas for a fun Cub Scout treat I was going to have the boys make for our den meeting but could not find any while I was out and about.
I was running out of time and decided I could probably whip some up!
 I found a few tutorials on the internet and added a few embellishments of my own. 

STEP1 - First I found the lid of a jar about 2 1/2" -3" around and traced around it on the back of some fun colorful scrapbook paper I had laying around

Mini Paper Umbrella DIY- The Style Sisters
STEP 2- I cut around each circle shape with some fun craft scissors to make a ruffled looking edge.  Then I cut out a little pie shape out of one side.

STEP 3- I used hot glue on one side of the pie shape

Mini Paper Umbrella DIY- The Style Sisters
STEP 4- I attached the glued side over the non glued side to make a small cone shape

Mini Paper Umbrella DIY- The Style Sisters
You can play with it to make it the shape you want. A low umbrella or a high umbrella..just have fun with it.

Mini Paper Umbrella DIY- The Style Sisters
I wanted to make sure it had a nice point on the tip

Mini Paper Umbrella DIY- The Style Sisters
Step 5- Inside I added a dab of hot glue and poked the toothpick through to the other side. 

Mini Paper Umbrella DIY- The Style Sisters
You don't want the toothpick to come out too far just a little bit.

Mini Paper Umbrella DIY- The Style Sisters
STEP 6- I had these tiny tiny pom poms leftover from some scrapbooking project that I never did so I added a dab of hot glue to the pom pom and stuck it on there. I think they turned out sooo cute!
mini paper umbrella tutorial, scrapbook paper mini umbrellas
I used them for a dessert called Beach Pudding Cups...recipe on my blog. This little dessert teaches the boys how to make something fun for their family. They totally got into making these! It is a little more creative than making dirt cups ;)
teddy bear beach pudding cups

At the Style Sisters I am always finding something to do that is fun and creative 
Like my Granddaughters Frozen Birthday party
Frozen birthday party recipes, frozen party food ideas, frozen birthday party

or My entertainment makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Entertainment Center- The Style Sisters

Recently I just finished making my sisters Easy Roman Shades
Easy Roman shade tutorial-using old Ikea shade-The Style Sisters

Party, Cooking or DIY projects I am all about it...stop by and say Hi I would love to meet you.

Hot Wheels Cake - First attempt with Fondant

Hot Wheel's Race Track Cake!
This was my first attempt at using fondant and I'm not gonna lie it was a little tricky. I looked around on the internet to for some ideas and came up with this plan
Hot wheels race track cake- The Style Sisters, Hot Wheels car cake PInterest
I used rice krispie treats to mold the track and then cover it in fondant. 
These are easily shaped into rectangles
I shaped the loop de loop first

Hot wheels race track cake, The Style Sisters, Hot Wheels car cake
and then added more track to to it...since I am not a was kind of lumpy hehehe but hey a little boy is not going to care he will think it looks awesome right? 
Then I covered the race track and loop de loop in orange fondant
I rolled it out into long skinny pieces 

Then I covered all the rice krispy pieces. It was kind of funky on the circular loop de loop because it was not a smooth surface. (it looks more like a road from the Flintstones cartoon) But all in all I think it worked out pretty good. I think I made the The loop de loop a little bit too thick so next time I would make it thinner so it would stand up better.
For the light signal I simply used a rectangle of rice krispies and a skinny skewer
Melted some chocolate chips and added.... 
M&M's for the little lights
My circle looks pretty smooth in this pic!
 I think I was going to try and make a tire out of this small circle but I didn't end up needing it.
Next I made a butter cream frosting and tinted it a fun color blue. I placed it on a round cardboard cake thingy (I can't think of what they are called!) and covered the cardboard with black and white checkerboard scrapbook paper to mimic the flags at races.
Added some Hot Wheels cars on top and at the base of the cake, stacked up some oreo cookies at the back to represent tires and...
Hot wheels race track cake, The Style Sisters, Hot Wheels car cake

Plopped in some plastic checkerboard flags from the craft store and Voila! Hot Wheel's Race Track Cake!
Hot wheels race track cake, The Style Sisters, Hot Wheels car cake
I made this for a cake auction and the little boys there were bugging their moms to buy it! 
It was one of the most popular cakes there! 

Super Bowl Crockpot Chowder!

Super Bowl Food- Crockpot Chicken Potato Corn Chowder
This by far is one of the yummiest crockpot soups/chowders I've made! I found this recipe on Two Healthy Kitchens and made a few tweaks of my own. 
This is a hearty yummy soup!

The Style Sisters Super Bowl Food- Crockpot chowder
The recipe says to throw everything into the crockpot and to use bacon bits but I sautéed 4 slices of bacon and half of the frozen onions to get that yummy bacon onion flavor. 
I also used fresh parsley and some fresh thyme. 

Super Bowl Food- Crockpot chowder

There is no cream or cheese in this soup and yet it is so creamy and rich! 
Chicken Potato corn chowder crock pot, Super Bowl crockpot chowder
Crock-Pot Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder
Yield: About 10½ cups
  • 3 cups skim milk I used 1% milk
  • 1 16-ounce bag frozen corn kernels
  • 2 cups frozen diced onions 
  • 2 cups frozen shredded hash brown potatoes (sometimes labeled as country style)
  • 2 cans (14¾ ounces each) cream-style corn
  • 1 can (about 14 ounces) organic cream of mushroom soup (I used Campbell's regular cream of mushroom)
  • ¼ cup real bacon bits (not Bac-Os) I used 4 slices of bacon sautéed with half of the frozen onions 
  • 1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes (I used fresh parsley chopped) 
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoon garlic salt
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme
  • 1 pound chicken breast ( I used frozen) 
  • shredded cheese to top if desired 
  1. Combine all ingredients except chicken breasts and bacon and half of frozen onions in your slow cooker, stirring to mix thoroughly and to break up any clumps of vegetables.
  2. Saute 4 slices of bacon and half of frozen onions. 
  3. Add chicken breasts to mixture, pushing them to the bottom of the slow cooker.
  4. Cook on low (6-8 hours), or on high (5 hours).
  5. Just before serving, use two forks to shred chicken. Or, remove chicken from slow cooker onto a plate or cutting board and cut it into small cubes, and then return chicken to soup in slow cooker.
  6. Serve soup sprinkled with cheese or parsley, if desired. Can be served in hollowed-out, whole-grain dinner rolls as bread bowls.

Here are a few other creative Football food recipes that you might like like a football veggie tray and a football pineapple fruit platter. Then to top it off how about  Chocolate dipped strawberry football cupcake! 

Super bowl Crockpot boneless Country Style Ribs for a crowd!

This is the perfect make ahead Super Bowl meal for a crowd!

For my daughter Emily's birthday she wanted to have a bunch of friends over for Sunday dinner and we had a crowd! It was a blast and I just love all her friends, You can see all the details from my Mix and Match tablescape HERE.

 For the menu I made Crockpot Boneless Country Style ribs that were the best ever, twice baked potatoes, broccoli and a friend brought a delicious salad! 

Crockpot Boneless Country Style Ribs for a crowd, Crockpot cooking

Seriously the crockpot is a lifesaver! I don't have pictures of the finished product but trust me....these were so tender they fell apart when you tried to pick them up and the BBQ Sauce is to die for!

 I bought two packages of these boneless country style ribs...about 7lbs of meat altogether. I salted and peppered them and added a sprinkle of Webers Beer Can chicken seasoning to give it just a tad more flavor and then I poured Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce all over them and turned the crockpot on low for about 6 hours and BOOM BABY! they were done!

Sweet Baby Rays Barbeque Sauce, Crockpot Boneless Country Style Ribs
Seriously these were sooo good and only a tiny bit was left over...Just for me for lunch today :)

Twice baked potatoes-
I baked 7 nice sized potatoes for 14 people

1. Scrub them really good, rub a little olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt, poke with fork or knife
2. Bake at 400 for about 1 hour until soft when you squeeze them slightly.
3. Cut potatoes in half, scoop out the insides leaving a small amount to hold the skin in place.
4. Place the inside of potatoes into a bowl, add milk a little at a time (1/4- 1/2 cup or more) you don't want slushy potatoes, 1 stick of butter, salt and pepper to taste. Mix with mixer until soft and fluffy
5. I used a cookie scooper to fill the skins back up with mashed potatoes
6. Sprinkle with grated cheese...I just used what I had in the fridge
7. Broil in oven for a few minutes until the cheese melts and turns golden...keep an eye on them they burn quickly!

You could serve the ribs with my cool Football Veggie platter or a Pineapple football fruit tray and then top it all off with some chocolate dipped strawberry football cupcakes!! 
This menu leaves you more time to watch the game (or the  cute commercials) instead of being in the kitchen!

DIY Flower Letter Tutorial

DIY Flower Tutorial using silk flowers and faux succulents
DIY Flower Letter tutorial, Bridal shower decorations, Pink peach and white flower letter tutorial
I created this flower letter for my daughters bridal shower last summer and forgot to post about it. 

 It is pretty simple to make...I bought the cardboad letter from Hobby Lobby and cut off one side of it so that there is empty shell. Then I filled it with floral foam by cutting it into pieces and hot gluing them into place. 

DIY Flower Letter tutorial, Bridal shower decorations, Pink peach and white flower letter tutorial
Then I started placing the largest flowers in first and the succulents then filled in the empty spots with smaller flowers.

 I just dabbed each stem with some hot glue before sticking the stem into the floral foam.

I just filled it to the brim with lots of flowers and it turned out perfect!

DIY Flower Letter tutorial, Bridal shower decorations, Pink peach and white flower letter tutorial

Make sure you check out the entire bridal shower and wedding reception so many fun ideas and recipes!

BYU Graduation Party Blue and White

BYU Graduation Party Blue and White
One of my cute friends asked me to help plan and carry out her daughters BYU graduation party last year and I have to tell you it was so much fun! Her daughter wanted the party to kind of have a boardwalk feel using BYU's blue and white colors.
BYU graduation party blue and white
Originally we had planned to have the entire party outside but as fate would have rained..not a just poured! So we moved most of the party inside and got canopies for the outside patio area.
BYU graduation party blue and white
For the dessert table I covered her round table with a white tablecloth and used IKEA's blue and white striped fabric and draped it over the top. It was long so I cinched it up using a hair elastic to make a puff on each side. Then to bring in the casual Boardwalk feel I used lots of my galvanized tin serveware.
BYU graduation party blue and white
I served brownies, lemon bars, raspberry bars, chocolate chip brownie cups, caramel chocolate dipped pretzels and mini orange cupcakes with mini chocolate graduation cap candies on top!
BYU graduation party blue and white
These yummy chocolate chip brownies are so good I made them from a mix. Nestles chocolate chip brownie mix from got try it. I baked them in these little paper cups from Ikea...they are tall and skinny and worked perfectly. A great tip: make ahead and freeze! I made these fun "Y" toothpicks using the free printable from MyeyeQ
BYU graduation party blue and white

BYU graduation party blue and white
I made these fun mini cupcakes also using a mix but added 1 cup of sour cream and 4 eggs and used orange juice in place of the water. I made the little graduation caps using mini peanut butter cups, a small square of chocolate a mini M&M candies and a little strip of air head candy. I had to cut out the blue stripe from the multi colored roll of air head candy and cut it into 3 pieces. I used melted chocolate chips to attach everything together.
BYU graduation party blue and white mini graduation caps
BYU graduation party blue and white

BYU graduation party blue and white
Diploma cookies! I used Pepperidge farms Pirouette cookies and tied skinny blue ribbons on each cookie.
Graduation cookies BYU graduation party blue and white
My cute mom made these AMAZING caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels! Oh my gosh they taste so good!
BYU graduation party blue and white
BYU graduation party blue and white
I found this fun letter "S" for was on clearance at Hobby Lobby but is was I spray painted it white and made it available to her guests to sign it as a keepsake. I also got a glass jar and used sticky letters to spell out advice. Many friends wrote her a little note and popped it in the jar for her.
BYU graduation party blue and white
BYU graduation party blue and white
Next I will show you the outdoor patio all lit up, the photo booth I created using more of the IKEA striped fabric and a fun ring toss game plus the blue and white banners!


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